Akashic Soul Readings






Banish self-sabotage

Experience more joy, freedom and independence

Find acceptance and peace in yourself


Do you run into one or more of these situations?

  • You sometimes feel powerless, as if you cannot give enough direction to your life
  • Relationship problems or loneliness and isolation
  • Difficulty being present on earth and dealing with earthly things like work and money
  • Health complaints for which no clear cause or good treatment can be found
  • A person or situation has touched you to your core, put you out of balance, and you are unable to bounce back from the experience
  • It is difficult for you to envision and shape your future and achieve your goals
  • You work with heart and soul in your own company, but the business results are disappointing
  • You have tried many things and yet the same kind of difficult situations keep coming back



For some people the obstacles are very specific, for others, it’s more of a general feeling:

“something’s not right, I’m being held back and I don’t know how to get past that”

Or, there is a sincere desire to discover more about your own soul and spirituality


Want a new phase in your life?

If you notice that you are not getting any further in your life, despite all your efforts, then it’s a good idea to look for a solution at soul level. Often, there is a logical explanation for adverse situations in your life that hold you back.

Problems can manifest themselves in all kinds of areas of your life: health, work and income, relationships with others and your relationship with yourself.

With Soul Realignment, you will leave behind the repeating negative patterns or hitting a glass ceiling.


No more victimization, self-sabotage or depression


Soul Realignment gives you insights into how dysfunctional patterns have come about in your soul history.

Even more important is how you can transform the old patterns in your current life, through positive action. The reading and clearing of your Akashic Record clear the way for this and you know after the session what you can do to improve your life.

Soul Realignment aims at helping you be able to transform your life yourself and is therefore very empowering and grounded.


You will receive the reading and clearing during two live online calls via Zoom. You get sound recordings of these calls that you can listen to as many times as you want, and they will give you healing and deeper insights every time you do.


Where I previously had to find my way in the dark, I have now been given a compass that I can always tune in to. That brings a lot of peace and surrender.

Saskia lovingly managed to convey a large amount of information so clearly that I could feel it and place it on a deep level in the bigger picture of my life.


A really big door has opened … amazing!

I am no longer pulled from my path by negative influences and I stand much more in my authenticity, femininity and strength. It seems as if a lot of resistance has disappeared, everything unfolds effortlessly and I can act in flow.

Thank you so much Saskia, I am looking forward to the further path, yay!


Why choose me:

  • Spirituality with both feet on the ground: empowering, grounded and realistic
  • Clear, empathic and concrete
  • Honest and open communication in plain language
  • Talented, well-educated and with 25 years of experience
  • Ethical guidance free from dogma or criticism


The Soul Realignment® Akashic Reading Trajectory changes your life

This trajectory consists of 4 parts:

Part 1:

  • First, with your permission and the personal information you provide me, I go into the Akashic Records to collect information
  • I also check whether there are unjustified karma, blockages, vows and negative contracts that still influence you
  • Your aura, chakras and team of Spirit Guides are checked for damage and negativity

Parts 2 and 3:

  • Then we have two sessions via Zoom and you learn about:
  • Your main characteristics and unique talents at soul level
  • How to further develop these talents and how to live your soul’s purpose
  • You will gain insight into past lives: which choices and which behaviour have led to blockages in your soul blueprint
  • You will learn how to make the right choices that ensure that you live in accordance with your soul blueprint
  • and more!

Part 4: 

  • After the sessions, you will receive 3 more weeks of guidance to integrate the Soul Realignment clearing and healing.
  • You will receive a sound recording of each session, containing all the information and the healing energy of the session. Every time you listen to the recordings you will get more insight and deeper transformation.

Soul Realignment will bring more health, vitality, happiness, creativity and abundance into your life.


Investment: 397 euros


The right intention for your Akashic Soul Reading

Soul Realignment® Akashic Readings are all about transformation and healing. If you actively apply this information you will notice that your life improves on all levels.

Before you can request a reading, it is important that you first think about your intention. Why do you want information from and about your soul? What will you do with the information? Your intention determines what I can receive for you from the Akashic Records.

The more your intention is focused on wanting to transform and heal, on growth of consciousness, and – very important – the more you are willing to put the insights into action with what you say and do, the more the information obtained from your Akashic Record will fit in with this and the more you will benefit from the reading.

Your intention, mindset and desire are therefore decisive and there is a lot of wisdom in that. You can read more about that in the blogs.



The Soul Realignment Reading was mind blowing. Beliefs I have in this life were directly traceable to my past lives. Therefore, there is a lot of recognition, understanding and compassion for myself and my own actions in this life and past lives.

The realignment has given me access to my talents: a “glass ceiling” is gone. The glass ceiling is a metaphor for the blockages that existed in my Soul Blueprint. My intuition flows and synchronicity is huge. My new Spirit Guides are powerful and compassionate.

I feel a rich and happy person. I used to be seeking, and now I feel I can start building with the talents I have.

There are many roads that lead to Rome, but this is the fastest route.


Here you find the answers to the most common questions:

What is the difference between Soul Realignment® and other akashic readings?

A Soul Realignment® reading makes use of the Akashic Records, but an Akashic Reading is not yet Soul Realignment ®.

Soul Realignment goes much further and also offers clearing of old patterns, healing (e.g. by soul retrieval if necessary) and actual transformation in your daily life. You learn to make different choices that do not cause negative karma and transform old karma. That is very empowering and you will take this with you for the rest of your life.

Information from the Akashic Records can be very interesting, but can also get stuck on the mental level. Soul Realignment touches and heals your soul.

After the reading you will receive 3 more weeks of guidance in this process so that it really integrates. You will also receive a recording of the session that you can listen to. Often, people experience deeper layers when they listen again, which intensifies the transformation process.

Anyone can say they give akashic readings but only certified practitioners are allowed to use the protected term Soul Realignment ®. It is a guarantee of quality.

I am a "certified advanced Soul Realignment practitioner", which means that the Soul Realignment initial reading contains a lot of extra information, clearing and healing and I can also guide you afterwards with in-depth follow-up readings and spiritual coaching. These Advanced SR Akashic Readings are all based on the Soul Realignment method, i.e. they are very transformative and healing. If you want to develop yourself further in contact with your soul, then you've come to the right place.

Why is it online? I prefer to visit you.

It is my own experience as well as that of many clients that an online session is experienced as very pleasant, even by people who were initially hesitant. For you, the benefits are that you can stay very close to yourself and that you can receive the session at a soul level without distraction from visual input and from the mind that is always busy with interpretations.

I can also attune myself better to you, your soul and the information that I receive to pass on to you. My inspiration and healing qualities come through clearer and more powerfully in this way. In addition, it is easier to record the session.

This way of working online enhances the effect that Soul Realignment stands for. I make no exceptions to this, not even if you live around the corner :-). Quality comes first.

Is Soul Realignment suitable for children?

SR is great for kids. Because they are still young, their mind has not yet formed entrenched patterns in this life. Therefore, they will respond positively to a reading and clearing very easily and quickly. Letting go of old karmic patterns is no problem for children.

Through SR you get to know your child much better and this will help you with education and guidance. Moreover, you make their lives a lot easier because old karmic ballast from previous lives is cleared and - if necessary - split-off parts of the soul are restored and integrated (soul retrieval). This ensures that they no longer have to attract the same patterns in this life that resonate with the old pain. In other words: they will not have to live through a lot of misery.

You can keep the recording of the session until the child is old enough to listen to and learn from it. From about 10 to 12 years old, children are often well able to be at the session themselves, together with father or mother, and understand it. You can request a reading and clearing from the age of 6 months.

Below is a testimonial from D.'s mother, a 12-year-old boy. He wanted to be a bit more carefree, worry less and not think about everything and to deal with other children more easily. He wanted to feel more confident and safe, accepted and relaxed and not so alone anymore:

"The Soul Realignment reading by Saskia has done D. very well! He leaves the house with more self-confidence and feels much happier about himself. He is more positive about himself and has much more confidence that everything will be okay. Clearing 'old karma and blockages' from the past gave us the feeling that the way has been cleared for D. to be who he truly is. And it is also very nice to hear at a young age what talents and characteristics you have at soul level, so that you can realize your best potential (and we can support him in this). It was a very special experience for us that I can recommend to everyone. Thank you Saskia for the beautiful reading and your warm guidance! "

Can I request Soul Realignment for a deceased person?

That depends on your intention and the relationship you had with the deceased. You can certainly request a reading for a deceased spouse, parent or child. It is not possible to request a reading out of curiosity about, for example, a celebrity or historical figure.

How does Zoom work?

Zoom offers good sound quality and the possibility to easily record the session and save it on your own PC. Zoom is very simple and you do not need to install anything in advance.

You will receive a link for the session. It is important that you participate on your PC or laptop, because only then can you save the recording of the session on your own PC.

If you have never participated in a Zoom session before, I recommend that you try the link beforehand. You will probably get the message that you need to download something. Click agree and the rest will be done automatically. If you then receive a message that you are in 'my waiting room' then everything went well. You are all set to go for the real session.

Make sure you log in more than 10 minutes in advance on the day of the session. You come back into the waiting room and you can meditate for a moment, focus your attention on your breathing, until I come to pick you up virtually.

During the session I give you recording rights. This means that you click the 'record' button and afterwards save the recording on your own PC. This works as follows: after the session has ended, leave Zoom open and leave your laptop or PC on. Do not close your laptop, otherwise saving of the recording will fail. Please wait, Zoom needs a few minutes to convert the recording. You will see a blue bar on the screen and as soon as it is at 100% you will be asked: "where should I save the recording?" Choose the correct folder and click on agree or save. If you then go to the folder you will see 3 Zoom files. The audio_only file is the audio recording that you can keep and rename.

Don't worry, you don't have to memorize this. I will help you to record and save the recording during the session.

In what languages do you work?

I speak English and Dutch fluently.

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