Advanced Akashic Readings

with the Soul Realignment method

Advanced Akashic Readings

After your initial Soul Realignment reading, you have several options to continue your journey with your soul. Step into a profound spiritual adventure and discover how to live in alignment with your soul on a daily basis.

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Manifesting Blueprint

Discover and use the creative manifestation talents of your soul and let go of personal obstacles

Life Themes Reading

Which themes are you exploring from all sides in this life to help you live more aligned with your soul?


Spirit Guides Reading

Meet your Spirit Guides, learn how they serve you and how you can interact with them


Life Situation Reading

Remove blocks and restrictions from difficult situations and learn how to move on


Relationship Reading

The soul’s perspective on your relationships and family ties


Energy Clearing for Spaces

More harmony in your home and life, clearing via the Akashic Records

Spiritual and Mental Coaching

Teach your mind how to optimally align and work with your soul

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