Akashic Records, it’s a term you may have heard. Sometimes the Akashic Records are described as a kind of library or archive where you can find all the information about “what was, is and will be”. This article is about why you could consult these records and what that can yield.

The spiritual internet

Another metaphor appeals to me more: the Akashic Records are not a fixed location like a library, but a kind of internet where a lot of data can be found if you use the right keywords. When you surf the internet you get information, but not everything is equally reliable. It is wise to pay close attention to the source of the information.

Reliable data

The person who consults the Akashic Records needs to know exactly what information she is looking for. She should search clearly, focused and from the right energy with relevant keywords and also check the information for validity.

Energy level of the Akashic Records

As humans, we are in the 3rd dimension with our physical body. Our thinking is more flexible and can move into the past and future – a form of time travelling in fact – because our mind is in the 4th dimension. The Akashic Records are in the 5th dimension, beyond time and space.

Clear alignment

Although you may receive information through your conscious or subconscious mind, it is not accurate because our mind functions at a lower level. A clear contact with the Akashic Records always goes via the Higher Self, which itself also lives in the 5th dimension. It is therefore important to first attune yourself to your Higher Self and only to contact the AR from there.

The intention is the guiding principle

Now there is another phenomenon that has a lot of influence on the search results: your intention. Why do you want information from and about your soul? For what reason or for what purpose? What will you do with the information? The intention is what determines the outcome and this applies to both the client and the reader. You, as the client, therefore have a major influence on what the reader can and should receive for you. The more your intention is focused on wanting to transform and heal, on the growth of consciousness, the more the information obtained will fit in with this and the more you will benefit from the reading.

Information versus transformation

But then… you got all the data. What are you going to do? The information alone is not the purpose of a reading. Transformation is what it’s all about. This means that you need to put the information into practice and make other choices that are more in line with the original blueprint of your soul. That can be quite exciting and uncomfortable at first.

The original blueprint of your soul

Your soul begins its journey through various planets, including the Earth, with an original blueprint that accurately indicates the specific properties and talents with which your soul wants to express itself. Over many lifetimes many choices are made that have an impact on the connection you have with your own blueprint. If the choices you make are in line with your blueprint, the connection will be strengthened and energy will flow more easily from the Source through you: health, love, creativity, self-expression and abundance.

The consequences of our choices

If many choices have been made – in this and previous lives – that conflict with your original blueprint, then a constriction will occur, so that you can receive less and less the nourishing energy from the Source. Health, self-expression and abundance are affected. We all have a soul history in which, in addition to beautiful experiences, there has also been a lot of suffering. Life was much more difficult and unsafe in the old days than it is now. And even now it is often not easy, despite our prosperity and relative safety. As a human being you remain vulnerable, the current corona crisis makes this very clear.

Recognition … or not

Out of fear, we often make choices that seem sensible in the short term. However, they often are not good for us in the long-term, especially if these choices go against who you are in essence. That is why you may not be able to understand a reading in the first instance because you have deviated from your course at the soul level. You will not recognize yourself in the reading or you will even hear qualities and talents that scare you because you would not dare to express them. Perhaps, very secretly, those are the talents you admire in others…

The effect of the reading

If you do not immediately experience recognition during a reading, that is also fine. Take your time, read or listen to the material again and give yourself permission to let the information touch you deeper, at the soul level. Let your mind have it’s say with all the objections it comes up with, and don’t go into a discussion with your mind. When real transformation takes place you will experience liberation from which you will take positive action.

Why checking with someone else is not a good idea

What you should not do is to question the reading and request a second opinion from another reader. Why? That has to do with your intention. If you don’t trust it, you doubt the information and you reject it, that energy will strongly influence the results of a 2nd reading. Chances are that you will get information that is not correct and will confuse you. Having it checked by someone else – when it comes to information from the Akashic Records – is not a good idea because the 5th dimension will flawlessly mirror your intentions and mindset back to you.

The right intention

Choose a reader that you trust. Request a reading with the intention that you will receive the correct information that will help you with the growth and awareness process that you are now in. The more you sincerely desire this, the more the reading will connect to your energy.

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