Perhaps you or someone you know has experienced this; you meet someone charming, good-looking, intelligent, articulate, and they come across as open-minded—even spiritual. You connect, fall in love, get into a relationship.

It’s fun in the beginning, but soon you notice the cracks in your happiness. They start putting you down and undermine your self-confidence. They lie, cheat and provoke fights. It’s all about them, and they need a lot of confirmation and attention.

Soon you feel worn out, tired and empty. The charm is gone, at least when you’re together. But, to the outside world, they still put up a show. They turn out to be a bottomless pit, yet… ending the relationship isn’t easy either.

Somehow you feel “hooked,” and they quickly sense how to trigger you. And so you struggle along.

People are not always what they appear to be. Sometimes the truth is excruciating. The person described above doesn’t want the best for you; they want the best for themselves and manage to hide it well in the beginning.

What seemed “light” turns out to be “dark”.

As Above, So Below

Why am I telling this story? Because it is no different in the world of spirits.

Some spirits are loving and pure, but some are dark and know how to disguise themselves well. Unfortunately, this is something many people on the spiritual path don’t understand.

I used to believe that there is only light and love. I didn’t want to know about the dark side of people or spirits. I was hopelessly naive, but I eventually met people (and spirits!) who helped open my eyes. 

Light and Dark

The light attracts darkness; it’s sometimes said. The dark itself eventually wants to go to the light and moves towards it like a moth to a lamp. However, dark spirits will suck up your light instead of moving towards the light themselves.

This doesn’t need to frighten you, and it doesn’t have to deter you from your development towards more and more light.

However, it does invite you to be aware and use your discernment.

Especially if you have an idealistic or spiritual vision of life, you risk being gullible or having blind faith. It’s much wiser to understand what you’re dealing with first.

This is especially important if you work with guides and spirits yourself as a healer or medium. Even if you have the best intentions, negative spirits can start working through you if you aren’t alert.

Your bright light is an oh-so-tasty snack for them, and so are your clients with whom they connect through you.

Don’t Allow Yourself to Be Used

How can you make sure that negative spirits don’t bother you or run their energy through you?

Here are some tips:

Your connection with the light is critical. Always ask yourself, “how can I be more and more connected to the supreme light?”

If this is your intention, you’ll be fine.

If contact is being made or you feel or see spirits, ask them these questions;

  • Who are you, and what are you here for?
  • Are you connected to the purest light?
  • Are your intentions for me (and my client) pure?

Now you may think; this is all very nice, but if this is a negative spirit, then of course they lie and hide their intentions. 

Wrong! Here’s the good news…

In the spirit world, even the darkest forces cannot lie when asked these questions directly.

In fact, once in sight, they can only help you, or they must leave.

This is a universal law, for in the end, the dark gives way to the light of pure consciousness and pure intentions. It’s like opening the door to a dark room; as soon as the light comes in, the darkness is gone.

You can also invite Archangel Michael to guide the spirit into the light. That way, everyone is happy.

When Are You Extra Vulnerable?

Awareness and alertness are good qualities that protect you. This is also true in the human world. However, there are specific situations in which you are extra vulnerable that I should mention;

  • Alcohol and drugs not only change your consciousness; they weaken and open your aura to all kinds of spirits that can penetrate you more easily. Even under those circumstances, it helps to focus on your connection to the light within yourself. And of course, ask your visitors those critical questions. However, it’s more difficult because being under the influence opens the doors. Once completely drunk or high, you lose self-control.
  • During an operation with anaesthesia, you are also open because your consciousness cannot protect you. Moreover, in hospitals, there are many wandering souls eager to inhabit a new body. If you continue to feel strange or even start to behave differently, it’s wise to have your energy field checked and cleaned up with a healing.
  • When you ask for help, always direct your question to God, Source, your soul or (beings of) the highest light. If you do not get an immediate response, do not cry out in despair, “help, anyone…!”. That’s just asking for trouble. Trust that the correct answer will come to you from the light at the right time. Don’t force anything.

Your best protection in both worlds

  • In short, strengthening the light within yourself is an important protection.
  • Don’t take everything that is presented to you at face value.
  • Stay alert and investigate.
  • Dare to ask critical questions.

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