Recently someone asked me, “How can karma be cleared from your Akashic Records, how does that work?”. A good question that I will elaborate on in this article.

What karma is and what it’s not

Karma literally means action. You create karma with what you do and say. In other words: only your actions and words create karma, not your intentions, thoughts and emotions. However, your words and actions are preceded by thoughts, feelings and intentions. Sometimes this happens so quickly and so subtly that we don’t always notice it. Sometimes we act instinctively, reflexively or on autopilot from an old and ingrained pattern.

But, contrary to popular belief, your thoughts and emotions do not create karma by themselves. Only if you act on them.

That’s quite a relief, I think. Our human brain is like a gigantic antenna that picks up emotions, thoughts and beliefs from the collective consciousness, the people around us and via the internet. This is not under our control.

We don’t have to feel bad about ourselves because we have negative thoughts. Actually, it’s better to say: we “experience thoughts and emotions” or “they run through us”, rather than saying that we have them. It’s all just energy flowing through, passing by.

Negative thoughts and unwanted emotions are normal and very human. It really helps to become more aware of all the stuff that goes through our mind, so we can consciously decide what emotion, idea or thought we act upon. The mere fact that something pops up doesn’t mean that it’s true or needs to be acted upon. Or that it’s even ours to begin with.

Our actions and the dimensions

If we unravel our actions, this is what it looks like:

  • You speak and act with your physical body, which functions in the 3rd dimension. This earthly dimension is bound by time and place.
  • Your thoughts and all mental processes take place in your mind and in the 4th dimension, which is not bound by time and place. Therefore, we can go in our minds to the past and to the future and we can pick up thoughts and ideas that are not ours.
  • Your intentions belong to the domain of the 5th dimension, beyond time and place.

Akashic Records and the 5th Dimension 

The Akashic Records are located in the 5th dimension and intentions play an important role in it. This means that you can clear old blockages in the Akashic Records with your decisions and intentions, provided you have gained consciousness about how the blockages were created, i.e. what actions created them. This is the kind of insight and awareness you get from a good Akashic Reading.

However, a clearing in the Akashic Records takes place in the 5th dimension and also clears the higher, even more subtle dimensions, but not automatically the lower dimensions. So when you get up the next morning, your earthly life is exactly the same. And therein lies the crux: you clear the 3rd and 4th dimensions blockages yourself, in your daily life, with your body and mind: with what you think, say and do.

No one else can do this for you, it is your responsibility. And that makes sense, doesn’t it? You created it, you can uncreate it and you can prevent recreating it. That is within your power as soon as you have consciousness about your actions.

Now, I won’t say this is always fun or easy. Some choices will be very difficult to make. But they are available to you if you want to see them.

You determine your choices and actions yourself

So once you know which old thought and behavior patterns have caused problems, you can consciously choose to do things differently. Step by step you will create new paths, both in your brain and in your life, new paths that you will be able to walk more easily once they have become a habit.

Humans are creatures of habit and changing yourself and your behavior is not always easy. That’s where the clearing in the Akashic Records helps you. The powerful intention of your Soul Realignment session, combined with the clearing protocol you perform for 21 days afterward, pave the way for faster and easier transformation as you are no longer energetically pulled back into old patterns.

Moreover, you learn which actions lead to problems, and which actions are in line with your soul blueprint and therefore perfectly match who you are at soul level.

Allow yourself time and be gentle

This is a process and may involve trial and error. That’s okay: making mistakes is allowed and perfection is not required. Remember that karmic patterns are indeed patterns: the same choices repeated over and over. As soon as you notice that a choice doesn’t fit your soul blueprint, you can revise it and usually fix it. That way it doesn’t become a karmic pattern again.

Above all, be kind to yourself and acknowledge what you have already achieved.

Empowerment through freedom of choice

What is so empowering: you choose yourself, you are in control. No one can mess this up for you, you are not a victim of others and the world. There are always other options available, even if you sometimes think there aren’t. Granted, some options are not comfortable, but they are there. Some options are out of your comfort zone….but that’s where your growth lies.

You can use this window of opportunity that a reading offers you… or not. The choice is yours, because in our life as human beings on earth, it is always about freedom of choice.


Do you want to clear your karma? 

A Soul Realignment Akashic Reading will free you

from karmic ballast and other disruptive influences.

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