Disclaimer for Saskia Willockx – Akashic Reading & Healing


  • Saskia Willockx is not a medical doctor and therefore does not provide medical advice and/or treatment. This applies to all advice on a physical as well as on an emotional, psychological and spiritual level, given during sessions (live or digital), courses or workshops.
  • Advice on nutrition and nutritional supplements are not intended to replace medical treatment and/or diet.
  • Saskia Willockx will never stop anyone from taking regular medical and/or psychological or psychiatric treatment. She advises and guides to the best of her ability within the possibilities that she has and will clearly indicate when she is of the opinion that the client should ask for regular help. If the client does not comply, this is the sole responsibility of the client.
  • Saskia Willockx can never be held liable, neither by the client themself or by third parties, for the consequences of following her advice or not and whether or not seeking regular treatment.
  • Client realizes that providing relevant data is necessary for optimal guidance. Client provides this information in good faith. If relevant information is withheld, this is the client’s responsibility.


  • Of course, all your personal data will be processed in accordance with the GDPR, see the privacy statement. 
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