Energy Clearing For Spaces

more harmony in your home and life

Do you feel tired or uninspired in your home?

Have you tried clearing the energy of your home with incense, sage, crystals or sounds?

Usually, those methods give a temporary result. Also, clearing your home by physically cleaning and tidying, letting go of clutter and using Feng Shui, all bring relief to some extend.

However, sometimes more is needed

Sensitive and empathic people pick up all kinds of energies that can affect them on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.

What energies can affect you and your space?

  • Earthbound souls and poltergeists (“ghosts”)
  • Emotional residues and residual hauntings from traumatic events that took place in your home or on your land
  • Negative thought forms and obsessions
  • Portalways to low-vibrational astral planes
  • The energies from previous use of the land your home is built on, like a sacred site, burial ground or battleground


How do you know if your home needs energy clearing?

If one or more of the situations mentioned below apply to you:

  • Outside of the home you feel happy and fit, but when you come home you suddenly feel tired and your mood is low
  • You don’t feel comfortable at home: you might have the feeling you cannot relax, don’t feel entirely safe or feel watched somehow
  • Your children or pets avoid certain areas in your home because they are scared of those places
  • There have been fights, conflicts or trauma in your home
  • After a person has been seriously ill or died in the home, after a suicide
  • After a divorce
  • Someone has used drugs like LSD, cannabis or ayahuasca in your home
  • An inhabitant had one or more addictions
  • You are trying to sell your house and it takes too long


An energy clearing of your entire property will clear the disturbing influences

Not sure if clearing is necessary? Contact me for more information and I will check your property without any obligation. If I find negative influences that need to be cleared, you can decide if you want to go ahead.

Investment: 297 euro


How does it work?

The information about your home and the land it is built on is available in the Akashic Records. Because everything is interconnected on an energetic level, I can connect with the energetic record of your home. Energy work is not limited by time and space. This allows me to clear the energy without having to be present in your home.

After I’ve done the reading and clearing, we will have an online session via Zoom, in which I will explain my findings and give you tips on keeping your home energetically clear in the future.

Most of the time, the effects of the clearing are noticeable immediately, for example, you sleep better and feel more energized at home. Scary places are no longer scary. Sometimes it takes a few days or weeks for the energy to find a new balance.

Request your space clearing here:


Space Clearing
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