Recently someone asked me, “How can I clear past life karma from my Akashic Records, how does that work?” A good question that I will elaborate on in this article.

What is karma?

Karma literally means action. You create karma with what you do. Thoughts, feelings and intentions precede your words and actions. Sometimes this is so fast and so subtle that we do not always notice this. Sometimes we act instinctively, reflexively or on autopilot from an old and worn-out pattern.

Our actions and the dimensions

When we analyze our actions, it looks like this:

  • Your words and actions are performed with your physical body, which acts in the 3rd dimension. This earthly dimension is bound by time and place.
  • Your thoughts and all mental processes take place in your mind and in the 4th dimension, which is not bound by time and place. Therefore we can go to the past and the future in our thoughts.
  • Your intentions belong to the domain of the 5th dimension, beyond time and place.

Akashic Records and the 5th dimension

The Akashic Records are in the 5th dimension and intentions play an important role in that realm. This means that in the AR you can clear old blocks with your intentions, provided you have awareness about this: understanding and insight into the choices that have led to those blocks.

Note that clearing in the AR occurs in the 5th dimension and continues into all higher, even more subtle dimensions, but not automatically into the lower dimensions. So when you wake up the next morning, your earthly life is exactly the same. And that’s where the crux is: the 3rd and 4th dimensions you have to clear yourself, in your daily life, with your body and mind: with what you think, say and do. Nobody else can do this for you.

You determine your choices and actions yourself

So once you know which old thought and behavioural patterns have caused problems, you can consciously choose to do it differently. Step by step you create new paths, both in your brain and in your life, new paths that you will be able to walk easier and easier once they have become a habit.

We humans are creatures of habit and changing yourself and your behaviour is not always easy. That’s where clearing in the Akashic Records helps you. The powerful intention of your Soul Realignment session, in combination with the clearing protocol that you perform for 21 days afterwards, paves the way for faster and easier transformation because you are no longer energetically drawn back into old patterns. Moreover, you learn which actions lead to problems, and which actions are in line with your soul blueprint and therefore perfectly match who you are at soul level.

Allow yourself time and be gentle

This is a process and you may go through trial and error. That OK: making mistakes is allowed and perfection is not required. Remember that karmic patterns are indeed patterns: the same choices are repeated over and over. As soon as you notice that a choice does not suit your soul blueprint, you can revise it and usually you’ll be able to restore it. It will not become a karmic pattern again. Be especially gentle with yourself and recognize what you have already achieved.

How to clear past life karma

What makes this so empowering is that you choose yourself, you are in control. No one can “mess it up” for you, you are not a victim of others and the world. Other options are always available, even if sometimes you don’t think so. Admittedly, some options are not comfortable, but they are there. Some options are way outside of your comfort zone … but that’s where your growth lies.

You can use this “window of opportunity” that a reading offers you … or not. The choice is yours because our human life here on earth is always about freedom of choice.

If you want to know what a Soul Realignment – Akashic Reading can do for you, here is more information.

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