Every soul is unique and every life is unique. You cannot, therefore, compare yourself and your life path with that of someone else. Yet, we often do and that usually causes suffering. Our mind tends to compare ourselves to others who — in our eyes — do better or have it better.

But what does the soul really want? The soul wants to heal — become whole — and eventually return to the Source of Creation. Healing means that everything that you are and who you are forms a whole and is consciously inter-connected. In other words: your personality and your soul are aligned and working together optimally.

As happy as a soul?

Are souls always positive, happy and loving? I mean, since they come from the Source?

The reason souls live on Earth has to do with wanting to become aware of their true nature as beings of light, love and endless creativity. Gaining awareness works better in a world that is very different from what you were used to in the Source of origin. You learn through contrast.

On earth, you are in the right place for that because we are living in polarity. Just think of the Tao symbol, also called the yin-yang symbol: this shows a dynamic balance in which there is always movement between the extremes and everything in between.

Planet earth as an education

We learn through contrast and in this way we get more clarity about what our true nature is. Along the way, we have many experiences and not everything is nice and sweet. We learn to distinguish between what resonates with our values and what doesn’t. We learn to make ever better and more conscious choices. We learn that a focus can help us stay on track. And so much more …

Living on earth is like doing an education and you need many lives to complete the curriculum. Developing discernment is important and doing so in a judgment-free manner is the challenge.

The bummed-out soul

Souls can become hurt and fearful if they experience things here on earth that they are not used to at all. Infidelity, betrayal, abuse, violence, hatred…. that is really frightening, not only for us as human beings, but also at the soul level.

That’s why the soul needs many lives to heal its wounds. Some lives have a strong focus on growth and healing. In between, the soul chooses lives that are relatively calmer and easier, for much-needed balance and breathing space.

Standing in your power, what does that mean?

Expressions like “all is well and as it should be” can come across as irritating when you’re going through terrible adversity in your life. From a personality point of view, things are not well at all if you lose your job, become seriously ill or are abused in your relationship.

The soul looks at this from a different perspective. For the soul, these difficult circumstances are opportunities to grow in consciousness through the human experience, opportunities to discover and use your strength, your power. To stand in your power — another commonly used expression — means to really know what your true nature is. Who you really are is an eternal being full of wisdom, compassion and creative power.

Going through an experience that makes you feel helpless and powerless does not in any way diminish your true nature.

Distinguishing between your human experience and your true nature as a spiritual being creates some space. In that space, you realize that this experience is not who you are, it is only what you experience as a human being. It does not define you, for you are and remain an expression of Source. You can decide to make the best of it as a human being.

Love heals

This does not alter the fact that human experiences can be intense, so don’t deny that. Acknowledge your feelings and emotions because they want to be experienced, they want to flow. Your emotions want your acceptance and your embrace. Emotions that can flow are healthy, emotions that are suppressed will cause problems, sooner or later.

If you dare to feel your emotions, a miracle happens: your soul heals.

Want Your Soul To Heal From Trauma?

blocks, restrictions and trauma from this lifetime and past lives
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