Coloured glasses

We often envision a kind of Hollywood picture of what spiritual development and final lifetimes look like or should look like. This has disadvantages because if we look at another person through the coloured glasses of projections and expectations, we do not see the truth, only what we want to see. This can have major consequences.

Last lifetime

You can neither know nor see from the outside whether someone is experiencing a last lifetime. Being consciously engaged in spirituality is not in itself an indication of a final life, although it could be. A person can even be a complete atheist and still be living his last life on earth. Many souls experience their last lifetime in an inconspicuous way and are not spiritual teachers or followers.

Want to know who you are at soul level?


A Soul Realignment Akashic Reading

is a great way to connect with your soul more deeply

and to clear old blockages and karma

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