Life Situation Reading

transformation at a deeper level

Want to clear blockages and obstacles from your life?

You run into one or more things that are not going well. These can be very different situations in all kinds of different areas of life: work, health, relationships with others or with yourself, financially.

If you feel that you are stuck or if you want to develop yourself faster and easier, a life situation reading will provide a breakthrough.

You can only request this reading if you have had a basic Soul Realignment reading first. This is because in the Life Situation Reading other and deeper blockages become visible after the first layer of blockages has been cleared during the Soul Realignment reading. To name a few examples, we look at genetic karma, ancestral vows and parallel timelines. We can go much deeper into mental processes such as beliefs, imprints, illusions and archetypes.

Health complaints, pain and fatigue can also have a cause at soul level.

This reading is fantastic if you want to heal on a deeper level and would like to live from your highest possible self-expression.

This is also ideal to occasionally do as a ‘spiritual check-up‘: your life and soul are measured at various points and where necessary you get a clearing and healing. This keeps your personal growth and spiritual development flowing and prevents you from getting stuck in big problems.

This reading is ideal as a form of personal maintenance.


“The clearing feels very healing, and I can now consciously make different choices”


Investment 299 euros

This reading was again very special. There were 3 blocks that could be cleared, all 3 arising from 3 different past lives. What was so special was that exactly those 3 themes were really hindering me in my current life: 2 consciously and 1 unconsciously. The latter came into my consciousness during the reading and I was able to recognize it very well in my current life.

The clearing protocol that Saskia made for me feels very healing. I notice that I am more aware of my thoughts regarding my blockages and that gives me the opportunity to think differently, behave differently and make different decisions.

I liked the life situation reading a lot and it is helpful to do when you notice that things in your life are not running smoothly or when you get stuck with yourself and your own happiness.

I felt very supported by my soul and by Saskia and it gives me the courage to persevere.

Dear Saskia, thank you for this wonderful reading!


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