Life Themes Reading

develop wisdom and compassion

Which themes are you exploring from all sides?

Your soul wants to collaborate with your personality. Unfortunately, the mind and ego sometimes get in the way, causing all kinds of beliefs and conditioning to hinder our spiritual growth.

That is why the soul chooses a number of themes for each life in which the personality may indulge itself. All sides of those themes, both positive and negative expressions, will show up in your life.

Not because you need to ‘learn a lesson’, but as in-depth research to develop wisdom and compassion.

What is the use of knowing your life themes?

In general, you have a primary life theme and some secondary themes that are supportive of the primary theme. Knowing what your themes are and how they work together will give you:

  • a lot of peace and clarity
  • it becomes much easier to make choices and set priorities
  • all your experiences fall into place so you don’t have to doubt yourself anymore
  • your soul and personality are aligned and work together well

This is an advanced reading, which means that you can only request this reading after you have had a Soul Realignment reading.

Investment 199 euros

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