Manifesting Blueprint

unleash your soul's creative talents

Are you creating the results that you truly want?

As humans, we are creative beings and we manifest all the time. Usually, however, the manifesting process is unconscious and the results can be very disappointing.

Your Soul Manifesting Blueprint will help you understand your unique design for manifesting. This way you can become a conscious manifestor, creating more and more of what you truly want in your life.

The Manifesting Blueprint Reading will help you enhance and more strongly align with your inherent creative nature. Moreover, we will get very practical during the session so you will know how to apply this knowledge in a very down-to-earth way.


If you keep doing what you always did, you will get the same results you always got


The human experience involves our physical bodies. So often, we get lost in a world of intentions, ideas and ideals. These are great in itself but not enough. We have to actually do something with our inspiration and aspirations. This means we have to use our body and that’s where the real fun starts because we can choose what to say and do. We can choose how to take action, how to take care of ourselves, our environment and our creations. Only what we do is under our control.

Saskia makes a sharp, thoughtful analysis of your soul’s manifesting blueprint and knows how to translate it into practical tips and suggestions.

She can also easily relate to your story. I look back on my reading with great pleasure.

Saskia is a nice person, open, honest and straightforward.



Your physical body is your instrument for Divine Self-expression


We are here purely to create. Once you fully embrace this, it will be very liberating. It offers you freedom.


Want to learn how to manifest consciously and effectively?



  • Soul Realignment Reading: knowing who you are at soul level
  • Willingness to actively apply the information from your Soul Manifesting Blueprint 


Investment 297 euro

Great to know ‘this is how it works for me’. Partly a reassurance (I am not crazy) and especially a lot of permission to give myself space and to trust and follow my impulses.

After the session it started to flow and I could immediately put the insights and inspiration into practice.

Very liberating, thank you!


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