Many people struggle with feeling, protecting and expressing their boundaries. Why is this so difficult and what does it mean to have weak boundaries? How do you notice that, how does that manifest itself?

This is a big topic and there are many ways to look at it. I pick a few perspectives, based on my experiences with clients.

Healthy boundaries and protection: our immune system

In our physical body, we have an immune system that protects us against, among other things, bacteria and viruses that are present everywhere. Our skin helps with this and is part of the immune system as a protective layer around us. You could say: the skin and the rest of the immune system guard our physical boundaries. If unwanted guests enter, a healthy immune system will notice and remove the invaders. This often goes unnoticed, or you might notice it in malaise or fever.

We also have a spiritual (or energetic) immune system that guards our boundaries on an energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual level. Of course, both systems are not strictly separated and work together. I only make this distinction to explain a few concepts in more detail.

The spiritual immune system consists of our aura and chakras. This energy system contains experiences and data from our present life and past lives.

Trauma and stress

Just as trauma and stress affect our physical health, they also affect all other levels of our being. Boundary-breaking traumas (abuse, sexual violence, accidents and surgeries) cross and damage boundaries on all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. The younger you are at the time of the trauma, the greater the impact on your further development. Both the physical and the spiritual immune systems will therefore be less able to do their protective work.

The spiritual immune system

You may be wondering: what are the spiritual equivalents of bacteria and viruses?

The spiritual immune system, when functioning properly, keeps energetic negativity outside your aura and chakras. In concrete terms: low entities, wandering souls, electromagnetic disturbances and radiation, intense heavy emotions of others.

How do you recognize problems with this?

There are some clear signs, you might experience one or more of these:

  • Coming back very tired from a shopping trip, cinema or any other place where there are many people.
  • A sudden change in emotions when you are in contact with another person (live, via the internet or even through your thoughts).
  • Strange dreams at night about demons or forces attacking you.
  • The feeling that you are defenceless, that you are a victim of the outside world. You often feel unsafe even if you cannot explain why.
  • You are sensitive to manipulation by others.
  • A feeling of resistance, as if you are being sabotaged continuously.
  • You cannot get images of the news out of your head, you keep seeing violence and misery passing by in your mind’s eye.
  • You notice that you have changed in recent years in a way that you do not understand and that does not suit your character.

This last point needs some explanation.

Wandering soul seeks body

If someone dies who is either afraid of death and what comes after, or does not even realize he is dead because of an accident, can become a wandering soul, aka an earthbound soul. This soul has lost its way and does not end up in the appropriate astral realms but continues to search on earth for a new body to live on. The soul has often been conditioned (manipulated) in many previous lives with stories of hell and damnation. If the human and the soul accept these stories as truth, the soul also becomes fearful and loses its way after death.

The wandering soul, therefore, goes in search of a new body in order to be able to continue living on earth. An ideal prey is someone… with a weakened spiritual immune system. The doors of the aura and chakras are open and voilà, the wanderer squeezes in and continues to live through the host or hostess.

In the worst case, the intruder takes over not only the energy but also the personality and health. You are going to change because of this. The change can be sudden and intense, for example by suddenly exhibiting addictive behaviour and outbursts of anger.

It can also be very gradual. Then at a certain point, you look back a few years and you think: “Something is not right here. I have changed in a way that does not belong to me, that does not fit in the line of healthy development.” Or you develop health problems that were not there before and that belong to the intruder. You may even recognize who it came from. Your deceased father or mother can live through you, or someone you cared for with a lot of love in the last phase of thier life.

Wandering souls, where do you find them?

Wandering souls and low entities (these are other life forms that you also like to keep out) are everywhere, as are viruses and bacteria. Fortunately, we do not get sick all the time and the same applies to these kinds of unwanted guests: they only come in if your immune system is weakened.

But everything is love, right?

Yes, at the highest level there is only love. However, we humans have many fears. Fear is the opposite of love. Fear is what sustains the ego because it feeds on it. Fear is an energy just like any other emotion, and that energy attracts similar energy. Fear is a magnet for what you do not want. Fear, consciously or unconsciously fueled by previous traumas, attracts energies and life forms that also live from fear. These are not connected to Source and thus cannot feed you but instead use you as their source of nourishment.

Important tip

Do not be fooled by people who say this does not exist or that it is just imagination. Someone with a healthy energetic-spiritual immune system has no idea what you are experiencing. If this article resonates with you, take yourself seriously.

It is my intention with this article to encourage you, to urge you not to believe your fears and not to let fear rule your life. If trauma processing is important to you, focus on that first. Also, learn skills to transform fear thoughts into self-empowerment and a positive relationship with yourself.

You can also do a lot in your own energy field, your aura.

Here is an exercise for healthy boundaries and protection:

Imagine an energy channel running from Earth to Source, through the centre of your body. See how wide this channel is and visualize pure energy flowing through it. Feel that beautiful, powerful energy. Visualize this channel getting wider and wider. Let the energy flow fill your entire body first and then your aura, at least to arm’s length around you. Imagine this pure energy pushing out all the iniquities, everything that does not belong to you. You are now filled and enveloped by pure protective Source energy.

Repeat this several times a day until it becomes a habit to dwell in a powerful bundle of pure energy. That is your best protection.


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