To reincarnate literally means to go back into the flesh. In other words: the soul again chooses a human body.

Souls that have sprung from the Source make a long journey of many lifetimes before they, wiser and more aware of their true nature, return again to the Source.

Why reincarnation on planet Earth?

Planet Earth is — you may not believe this — a popular destination where souls like to incarnate. There is a lot to learn on our planet because of the enormous diversity and contrast that prevail here.

Souls mainly learn here to make choices and what consequences their choices have so that they — ideally — become more aware and therefore make better choices. The growth process runs from choosing from fear to choosing from love.

Some facts about reincarnation

A beautiful saying is: “You don’t have a soul, you are a soul. You have a body”. Michael, a spiritual teacher from the astral planes, puts it this way: “You are a spiritual being having a human experience.” Your spiritual being is pure consciousness, a divine spark of light and love and perfect in itself.

The soul evolves through all its experiences and the choices it makes. You can read more about this in my blog about Soul Age. The goal is to increasingly realize and manifest your true spiritual nature.

If you are living on Earth then:

  • Your soul has chosen this — without exception. There’s no such thing as being here by mistake.
  • You have a reason for being here.

What the soul wants and likes

The soul wants to go through all human experiences in order to come to full understanding and acceptance of being human. This means that the soul has no judgment about what we call negative experiences such as theft, murder and other crimes and chooses to go through all experiences.

The soul chooses diversity. This means that the soul always chooses different experiences and different circumstances. There is an alternation between lives as a man and as a woman, in different countries, cultures and religions. Experiencing everything from completely different points of view allows the soul to experience, compare and develop in awareness and compassion.

The soul chooses the same life form for an entire cycle. Once your soul has chosen human lives, the entire cycle will be completed as a human being. This means that your soul does not suddenly come back as an animal in between human lifetimes.

Next reincarnation as an animal?

Michael is very firm on this point, stating that in the past there have been people in Hinduism and Buddhism who tried to exert power over others by threatening to give them another life as an animal as punishment for unwanted behaviour. In this way, this misunderstanding has crept in and is still often proclaimed. However, punishment is not an issue anyway and certainly not through a lifetime as an animal, only the development of consciousness is what counts.

Each lifetime is carefully prepared by the soul. Learning objectives are formulated and all other choices are geared to them. This is how the parents are chosen and agreements are made with other souls who want to be partners or children. The soul also chooses the characteristics of the personality for the new life.

Souls are subject to the law of karma, the law of cause and effect. You can read more about this in this article: Karma, is it all doom and gloom?

The soul is in no hurry. We humans sometimes are impatient and want to be done here on earth as quickly as possible. However, the soul doesn’t care if you learn all your lessons quickly or need many lives. It’s not a race, it’s an awareness process.

What matters most

The journey is what matters. The conscious experience is what counts and not reaching the final destination.

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