Relationship Reading

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Do you want more clarity in your important relationships?

Relationships have a major impact on our happiness in life. This already starts in the family of origin and continues in our friendships and romantic relationships.

How our later relationships unfold has a lot to do with conditioning from your youth and blockages from past lives of your soul.

Romantic relationships in particular offer great opportunities to heal old soul wounds and grow in consciousness. It goes without saying that this is not always fun. A relationship reading makes this whole process faster and easier. Old blockages and old soul contracts can be cleared, paving the way for more harmony, love and trust.

You can request a relationship reading for a specific relationship: either the relationship with your partner, or with one of your parents or children. It is also possible to request a reading for the relationship between 2 children.

For a romantic relationship, this is an in-depth and intensive reading. Ideally, your partner is also open to this, but that is not mandatory.


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