Saskia Willockx

Catalyst - 25 years of experience

My Why

I have a profound awareness of vulnerability and human suffering. It took me a long time to find what really worked for me and how I could heal. This search for meaning and healing gave me compassion, wisdom and a strong drive to be inspiring and of service. I will help you discover your unique road to healing and how to create more fulfilment, joy and abundance in all areas of your life.

I am

enthusiastic, curious, adventurous. Always glad to make new discoveries. Sincerely interested in you, who you are, what drives you and how I can help you.

I have travelled a lot and learned a lot from other cultures and spiritual trends. Lived and studied in China and Hawaii. Swam with wild dolphins and whales. Whispered with horses.

I was an indigo child in a time when this word didn’t even exist. Sensitive, dreamy, idealistic, introverted. When I was 9 I sat down in lotus position in front of the Buddha statue my mother had bought. For me, that felt like a natural thing to do. My Catholic parents didn’t understand it at all.

At the age of 16 I started meditating and actively pursuing spiritual growth. This is an ongoing journey ever since.

Went through some really difficult times that I wouldn’t want anyone to have to experience. Still, those experiences were meaningful. Or perhaps I gave them meaning myself: a traumatic childhood, serious neck injury and cancer. When I look back, those were important times of initiation.

I believe we always have a choice, even if it’s only about how we look at something or how we think about something. Even if life offers you hardship you don’t want and didn’t ask for, you have the ability to choose your inner attitude.

My life experiences have given me more inner space and have enriched me. Partly because of that, I am capable of creating a safe environment and giving you the space to discover who you are in essence, what your inner resources are and how you can utilise them better. 


Healer Heal Thyself First

Through my own search for insights, health and healing, I had sessions and I took various courses, both mainstream and complementary.

After many wanderings within spirituality, I have also found my way there: the way inwards, to my soul and I Am.

Since the 90s I have a practice and guide everyone who wants to look at well-being, purpose and meaning in a holistic way.

My style

Every coaching process is tailor-made and therefore unique. My style of working is a combination of specific, goal-oriented and intuitive. I combine knowledge, wisdom and healing from East and West and I access the Akashic Records to read and help you clear your soul’s past experiences.

I work from a profound awareness of human suffering and will always encourage you to connect to and apply your talents and true power.

The purpose of my guidance will always be to help you strengthen your own connection with your inner resources so that you can continue confidently and independently.

The road to tangible results, however, is not a straight line because it is partly determined by the choices of your soul and your willingness to actively engage with what I offer you.


For me, Saskia is like an angel who guided me lovingly and without judgment on my soul’s path.

From lightness and her profession she knows how to get straight to the point and clarify essential issues.

The sessions with her feel like a warm bath and are an expert support on my path.


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