Connect with your Spirit Guides

a team of helpers just for you

Do you want to collaborate with your Spirit Guides?

You have a team of Spirit Guides around you, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. They are always there for you.

Your Guides are advanced souls who know life on Earth well from their own experience. Moreover, they are further in their development than your soul, so they can serve you excellently.

Getting to know your Spirit Guides is a wonderful experience

Learn how to connect with their inspiration, wisdom, love, creativity and enthusiasm. They continuously give you inspiration, but you are often not aware of it. This reading helps you to consciously experience and strengthen the interaction with your Guides.

You learn to integrate their inspiring guidance into your life. Their job is to help you live more from your soul and make your life more pleasant. They will help you unconditionally in the goals and intentions you have.

“The Spirit Guide Reading has healed a profound loneliness in me”


The prerequisite for this reading is that you have had a Soul Realignment session first. In that session, your team of Guides will receive a clearing and upgrade so that they can guide you optimally without being hindered by old blockages.

Investment 199 euros

I have experienced the reading as very special, magical I would say. Because during the reading my Guides were introduced to me one by one, I could experience them one by one with all my being, I could see, feel and hear them.

During the reading itself, I felt that we (Saskia and I) were in a kind of bubble through which we shared a certain reality at that moment and we could understand, hear and feel each other from that shared reality.

Although I knew that my guides are always with me, this realization got through to me much deeper, which has healed a profound loneliness in me.

There are so many moments when I feel supported and empowered simply by a deep knowing of their presence.

Thanks so much. It was again a very special life-changing experience. Until the next time!

Love, Renée

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