If you look up the meaning of the word illusion, you will get descriptions such as dream image, incorrect perception, not real, no reality. Unfortunately, in spiritual circles people often add: not important, should be ignored. This is a harmful interpretation that causes a lot of misery. Reason enough to take a closer look at the spiritual meaning of the word illusion.

A tip to start with

When you read spiritual texts or hear sayings, replace the word illusion with the word temporary.

You will then get the following:

  • The body is temporary
  • Your feelings and emotions are temporary
  • Your thoughts are temporary
  • Life on Earth is temporary

By using the word temporary you can see the correct perspective much better. Nowhere does it say that temporary means it’s not important, shouldn’t be taken seriously, or should be ignored.

Why wrong?

One of the dangerous spiritual misinterpretations of the word illusion, I think, is that it would be morally and spiritually wrong to engage in something temporary. In my practice, I have met countless people who did not take good care of their health because “the body is just an illusion”. People who even chose not to have their illness treated based on this misconception, sometimes with serious consequences that could have been prevented.

When I inquire further, the person appears to be afraid of doing it wrong. There is fear and guilt because of one or more of these beliefs:

  • What you give your attention increases
  • It would be a huge spiritual mistake to take illness seriously because the body is an illusion and therefore so is illness
  • The cause of the disease is not physical but emotional or psychological, so I only have to look for a solution on those levels
  • Illness should be handed over to God and as a human I trust and let go

My response to that:

  • Your body gives you signals from your soul, from which you can learn. Listen to the message and pay attention to the healing process.
  • God is not a judgmental, punishing God but the Source of creation and unconditional love. Your body is your vehicle and your instrument for awareness here on Earth. Take good care of it.
  • Body, soul, psyche and emotions are unified. When something manifests itself physically, help the body overcome it, to heal it. Indeed, also look for healing of the underlying emotional and psychological causes. It is therefore both. Precisely because of the unity, everything participates and requires recognition.
  • Transferring illness to God is a good idea, as long as you as a person also take the necessary steps. You know the saying “God helps those who help themselves”? Find a balance between being practical and grounded combined with spiritual confidence. Sitting down and waiting for the angels to solve the problem is ungrounded.

Everything on Earth is temporary

All temporal phenomena are part of the human experience that our souls have chosen here on Earth. It’s all-inclusive.

Take also the temporary seriously

Take your body, your feelings and your emotions seriously, they have a message for you. They give you insights into your needs, desires, safety and boundaries. Learn to deal constructively with your thoughts and concerns. Learn to be consciously present in all aspects of your life.

Another tip

If someone tries to talk you into fear or guilt or judge you for taking your emotional, psychological and physical health seriously and wanting to take good care of it… don’t listen and walk away.


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