Akashic Records, it’s a term you may have heard. Sometimes the Akashic Records are described as a kind of library or archive where you can find all information about “what was, is and will be”. This article is about why you might like to have the Records consulted for you by an experienced reader – and what that could yield.

The Spiritual Internet

Another metaphor appeals to me more: the Akashic Records are not a fixed location like a library, but like the internet where a lot of data can be found if you use the right keywords. When you surf the internet, you do get information, but not everything is equally reliable. It is wise to pay close attention to the source of the information. The same holds true for the information you get from the Akashic Records.

Reliable data

The person who consults (“reads”) the Akashic Records have to know exactly what information they are looking for. They should search clearly, focused and from the right energy with relevant keywords and also check the information for validity.

Energy Level of the Akashic Records

As human beings with our physical body, we operate in the 3rd dimension. Our thinking is more flexible and can move to the past and future – a form of time travelling in fact – and that’s because our mind is in the 4th dimension. The Akashic Records are located in the 5th dimension, beyond time and space.

Clear attunement

Although you can get information from the Records through your conscious or subconscious mind, that is not accurate because our mind functions at a lower level than the Akashic Records. It has difficulty understanding and interpreting information from higher dimensions. To make sense of it, the mind then starts to link the information to its own experiences, which can cause a distortion of the message. A clear contact with the Akashic Records always goes through the Higher Self, which can easily access the 5th dimension. It is therefore important to first attune to the Higher Self and to make contact with the Akashic Records from there.

Your intention determines the outcome

Now there’s another phenomenon that has a lot of influence on search results in the Records: your intention. Why do you want information from and about your soul? For what reason or purpose? What will you do with it?

The fact that the intention is decisive applies to both the questioner (the client) and the reader. You, as the questioner, therefore, have a major influence on what information the reader can receive for you. The more your intention is focused on wanting to transform and heal, on the growth of consciousness, the more the information obtained will match this and the more you will benefit from the reading.

Information versus transformation

OK, so you got all the data through a reader. What are you going to do with it? The information alone should not be the sole purpose of a reading. That would only satisfy the mind. Transformation at deeper levels is the real name of the game. This means putting the information into practice and making choices that are more in line with your soul’s original blueprint. This can be both exciting and uncomfortable at first.

The original blueprint of your soul

Your soul embarks on a journey on various planets, including the earth, with an original blueprint that accurately indicates the specific qualities and talents with which your soul wants to express itself. Throughout all lives, many choices were made that have an impact on the connection you have with your own blueprint. When the choices you make are in line with your blueprint, the connection is strengthened and gets wider: energy flows more easily from Source to you: health, love, creativity, self-expression and abundance.

The consequences of our choices

If many choices have been made – in this and past lives – that conflict with your original blueprint, a narrowing occurs so that you receive less nourishing energy from Source. Health, self-expression and abundance suffer as a result.

We all have a soul history in which, in addition to beautiful experiences, there has also been a lot of misery. Life used to be a lot more difficult and unsafe than it is now. And even now it is often not easy, despite our prosperity and relative security. As a human being, you remain vulnerable. The corona crisis made that very clear.

Recognition… or not just yet

Out of fear, we often make choices that seem sensible in the short term but are not in the longer term, especially if these choices go against who we essentially are.

That is why you may not be able to fully grasp a reading in the first instance because you have strayed more or less from your course at soul level. In that case, you do not recognize yourself entirely in the reading or you get to hear qualities and talents that you hesitate to express. Perhaps, secretly, those are the talents you admire in others.

The effect of the reading

Usually, however, you experience a lot of recognition, and you feel a resonance with the reading. If you don’t immediately experience recognition, that’s fine too. Just let it settle for a while. Take your time, read your notes or listen to the reading again and give yourself permission to let the information touch you more deeply, at soul level. Let your mind, with all its objections, just talk. When real transformation takes place, you will experience a sense of liberation, from which you will take positive and soul-aligned action.

Why checking with someone else is not a good idea

What you should not do is doubt the reading and request a second opinion from another reader. Why? There are two reasons for that:

  1. If you don’t trust the reading, if you doubt the information and you reject it, that energy will strongly influence the results of a second reading. There is a good chance that you will then receive information that is incorrect and that will confuse and frustrate you.
  2. The ego will try to play games on you. Confusing you and having you reject the results of the reading are exactly what it’s after.

Having someone else check is not a good idea – when it comes to information from the Akashic Records – because the 5th dimension will flawlessly mirror your intentions and (ego-)mindset back to you.

The right intention

It is important to choose a reader that you trust. Request a reading with the intention that you will receive the right information that will help you with the growth and awareness process that you are in at this moment. The more you sincerely desire this, the more the reading will connect to your energy and support your intention.


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